BIOL 2060.03: Introductory Ecology

Ecology examines interactions of plants and animals, including humans, with each other and with their non-living world. Topics include population growth, competition, predation, food webs, metapopulation dynamics, biodiversity and ecosystem function. The class has a quantitative approach providing a foundation for further work in ecology, marine biology and environmental science.

INSTRUCTOR: S. Walde, D. Ruzzante, H.K. Lotze, B. Worm, A. Schmidt
FORMAT: Lecture 3 hours, lab/tutorial 2 hours
PREREQUISITES: BIOL 1010 or BIOL 1020.03 (C- or better) and BIOL 1011.03 or BIOL 1021.03 (C- or better), or SCIE 1515.36 or SCIE 1520.30 or SCIE 1530.30 (C- or better) or SCIE 1540.27 (C- or better) or ENVS 1000.06 (C- or better) or BIOL 1030.03 (C- or better) in consultation with the instructor.